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I got an interesting a call from Jessica Loving the other day. Jessica is Inniskillin’s brand manager. We met last year when I put on a cooking demo that focused on ice wine. The spectrum of ice wine’s tasting notes is astounding. I don’t think people realize the breadth or diversity of ice wine’s flavour palette. I matched a series of ice wines to a menu of Latino-inspired dishes. It was a real blast to do and was very well received.

Jessica was calling to find out if I’d do a cooking class a friend’s anniversary. Her friend’s husband loves to cook and is hungry for culinary knowledge.

They invited another couple, and a cooking demonstration became a casual, elegant evening with old friends, plus me. What a pleasure.

Here’s the menu:


Celery soup w/ sweet shallots & porcini oil

Pan-seared curry sea scallops w/ citrus salsa crudo

Roasted Ontario rack of lamb w/ sweet potatoes, asparagus, grape tomatoes & Niagara pinot noir reduction

Queso fresco, guava jelly & pan tostado

Concepcion, Los Ancones & Porcelana Truffles from JS Bonbons
Three Venezuelan Single-Origin Chocolates
Fresh cherries


Yours in good food

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*Spanish for: "Mmm. Wow. That's good!"