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The twelve annual Toronto International Latin Film Festival opens tomorrow, but the ball got rolling on last Wednesday night.

Festival director Raül Galvez and his wife Kim hosted a launch bash at the Drake and put on a fine spread: a great selection of Latino canapés and jamon serrano courtesy of Catch Fine Foods. Delicious.
As Kim told the crowd, the festival showcases the cinematic achievements of Latino film, giving film aficionados good reason to see these countries as makers of noteworthy films.

I’m seeing a similar movement among my foodie clients. More and more I’m finding a growing curiosity and a geniune desire to learn more about Latin food.

I wonder if there’s a Latino filmmaker out there cooking up a South American Big Night?

The festival wraps up October 20, so don’t miss out.

Yours in great food and fine films from all over The Americas

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*Spanish for: "Mmm. Wow. That's good!"