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In the Americas and all around the world, what we all have in common, is that our great-grand parents made sure that those typical or classical dishes for Christmas were passed on throughout generations. Case in point is the Hallaca, which is made through Central and South America and has many manes like Tamal, Hayaca, […]

The food is for the souls of the dead couple whose pictures were on the altar as part of the Latin American holiday, Dia de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead, which took place at Caju last Monday night. Homemade altars are a common sight in many Latino households as part of the Dia […]

Sabrosito at the Bricks works Picnic

This year’s event was all about ‘world cuisine’ using local and organic products. It was an honor for me and my crew, to have been invited to the picnic, thanks to the event organizers decision to recognize cultural and ethnic groups from around the world that make Toronto home. Connecting the global palate using foods […]

Cachapas at St. Andrew’s Farmers Market

I team up with Eduardo Lee and Marc Lukacs, owners of Arepa Cafe to do a chacapa testing at St. Andrew’s Farmers Market to promote the opening of the restaurant that will be located at 490 Queen Street West. With Eduardo Lee Cachapas, which are made with fresh corn, salt, pepper, butter and top up […]

Ola; Of Latin America

Nothing is sweeter than realizing a dream, and another one is coming right up. Thanks to the visionary Mary Luz Mejia and her partner Mario Stojanac of Sizzling Communications, an evening of Latino cuisine is set to blow your mind. We all decided to call it OLA, which stands for Of Latin America. And in […]

One City, One Great Long Table

Luminato was so great this year, I’m still thinking about it, even thought we wrapped it up over a month and a half ago. The first year, at the Distillery, was fantastic, but the organizers topped their best efforts this year. We had a little bottleneck situation with ticket sales, but luckily, organizers sorted that […]

The Miracle Kitchen In High Park

My cool good friend Jane Hayes [aka Garden Jane] introduced me to this exciting thing that’s been going on in High Park, just a couple of blocks from my house. For the last 11 years, what Jane and some of her cohorts did was to establish The Children’s Garden, a program that provides kids and […]

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