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The food is for the souls of the dead couple whose pictures were on the altar as part of the Latin American holiday, Dia de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead, which took place at Caju last Monday night.

Homemade altars are a common sight in many Latino households as part of the Dia de los Muertos holiday, coinciding with All Saints’ and All Souls’ Days Nov. 1-2.

Those who want to honor the dead set up tables with candles called veladoras, glasses of water, fruit and pan de muerto a couple of days before to welcome back the spirits of their loved ones.

Pan de muerto, round loaves of sweet bread, are one of the most iconic items on the altars.


Ancient indigenous people of Central and South America believed the souls of dead loved ones come back to roam the earth for a short time. When the souls return, they need incense to cleanse the area of bad spirits; water because they’re thirsty from their journey, candles to guide them, flowers to make them happy and their favorite foods.

The celebration of the day of the dead is the celebration of life itself, and with that spirit thanks to event organizers Mary Luz Mejia and Mario Stojanac of Sizzling Communications, Caju’s Tina Giontsis and Torito’s tapas bar Veronica Laudes, I am happy to report that we had a great event.

Ola as Of Latino America, 7 chefs, one kitchen, One Hot Night, it really was Hot!!!

We all prepared dishes that represented our roots using locally grown products.
The event sold out to a happy crow of Anglos and Latinos
And this is how it when down.

From Brazil Mario Cassini, chef owner of Caju

Bolinhos, pan de quiejo [ yuca and cheese bread]

Argentinean Marina Queirolo of Sürkl Empanadas

Empandas de Molleja, local corn and Woolwich Dairy chevre

Colombian-Canadian, Steven Gonzales of Latino 5 spice Catering

Oxtail Sancocho- Colombian style consomé with ravioli and bananito

From Mexico

Luis Valenzulea, Torito tapas bar chef

Octopus salad with artichokes, Ontario fingering potatoes and spicy citrus dressing

Jose Hadad, chef owner of Frida Restaurant

Organic Cornish Hen, Mole Poblano, rice, frijoles fritos and sesame seeds

Elizabeth Rubeme, chef owner of Amaranto Creations

The most beautiful and testing Tres Leches cake I ever had

And me
Venezuelan classic arepas, Carne mechada[sheredded beef] Reina pepiada[chicken and avocado] served with chayote relish

Toronto’s Drew Innes was our Sommelier for the event.

From my fellow chefs and organizers we wan to thank all our sponsors; Kaiken, Montes Premium wines, Fresita, White Hall wines, Pascuale Bros, Elee Desing , Saroli Foods, The Healthy Butcher , Woolwich Dairy, Inc, Kwozimodo productions, and a very special thanks to Mario and Tina for hosting us.

The proceeds of the event were donated to The Youthlink.

Celebrando la vida!

Yours celebrating life!

Next post, The opening of Arepa Cafe!!
Stay tune

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