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Back in February I got an invitation from Eduardo Lee of Arepa Cafe;
Eduardo mentioned he was hosting an exhibition with the works of
Carlos Raul Villanueva. Villanueva was one of the  most influential
Venezuelan architects of the 20th century. Influenced by the
Modernist movement, he played a major part in the development and modernization of Caracas and other cities around Venezuela .

The exhibition was named ‘An Extraordinary Alien‘, after the American
visa ‘O’ which is granted to people with “Extraordinary ability in the
fields of science, education, business or athletics”. As far as the
law was concerned, Villanueva was indeed an extraordinary alien.  The
evening of the opening I met fellow Venezuelans and exhibition
curators Ruth Mora and Gaston Soucy. Both Ruth and Gaston are architects who were influenced by Villanueva’s work and now they live and work in
Toronto. They had acquired a collection of photographs that showcased
Villanuevas’s work but had nowhere to exhibit them. They met  Eduardo
and a new exhibit was born.

You can check out the exhibition at Arepa Cafe,  runs until March 29 .

Eduardo and I were so exited about the turn out of the exhibit
opening, that we decided to do something about it.
I said: let’s organized an event to celebrated our roots, art, design
and food from latino America and he loved the idea.

I got on the phone the next day, I called a few Latino chefs that I
know and they all said ” Claro que si” — Let’s do it.
So we had a few food and wine tastings to come up with a great menu.

That’s is how my friends Elizabeth  RivasPlata from the  [AGO], Francisco Alejandri [ Agave & Aguacate] Luis Manuel Cordoba [ Arepa Cafe] Andés Macas [ Que Pasa] Jose Arato [Pimenton] and I we will be cooking at Arepa Cafe on Monday, March 28th

Adrain Marquez from the [AGO]  will be pairing the wines for the evening.

Music by Latino American Choir Cantemos

Reservations, please call 416-362.4111

Or email; info@arepacafe.ca

Proceeds will be used to support local Latin creative and artistic efforts within the GTA.

Don’t miss out is going to be fun.

Yours celebrating roots, art, design and food from the Americas


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