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Ryan Donovan [ex Healty Butcher and CowBell] and now head butcher at Marben restaurant came out with a brilliant marketing idea: Let’s get 12 chefs who they are known for their sausages making skills and let’s have a Sausage League. Complete with a first round, playoffs and a championship final, which will take place on Wednesday , September 21st @ Marben resto.

The winner gets a week end in Chicago with all expenses pay. Nice!

The great thing about this event is that people get the change to meet the chefs, a bonus to all the chefs and restaurants that are participating.
The competition started back in May, and this is how it’s been going down:

May 11th with Cory Vitello of The Harbord Room restaurant bar vs Anthony Rose of The Drake hotel

Wednesday May 25th Ted Corrado of C5 v. Eran Moram of Marron Bistro
Wednesday June 8th Brook Kavanagh of La Palette v. Matty Matheson of Parts & Labour
Wednesday June 22nd Chris Brown of The Stop Community Food Centre v. John Sinopoli of Table 17
Wednesday July 6th David Meli of The Healthy Butcher v. Jesse Vallins of Trevor Kitchen

Wednesday July 27th Luis Valenzuela of Torito v. Rocco Agostino of Pizzeria Libretto / Enoteca Sociale.

The playoffs started on Wednesday August 10th, which was the night I when to check out the battle between Chris Brown of TSFC and HBR Cory Vitiello. For $25 dollars I got to taste some great sausages and a bottle of Steamwhistle Pilsner. Then diners get a voting ballot, to choose which sausage was the best, and a chef is eliminated from the competition.

I started with the Alex’s pork empanadas with chocolate mole, tomatillo salsa and sour cream. I really liked the stuffing of the empanadas, I thought the dough needed something, but it was good altogether

Them I tried Cory Vitiellos’ chicken, panchetta and apple sausage. Severed in a bed of corn crema and garnish with queso seco*[ Spanish for dry cheese].I really liked this one specially the corn crema brought me some good memories of my childhood in Venezuela. In Venezuela we make something similar, but we cook the corn crema in hot Budare or iron pan and they become cachapas. We serve them with queso fresco. Cory’s plate was delicious.

Cory in the kitcken @ Marben

” After that” I tried Chris Brown’s lamb Finochieta, which was made with lamb, pork and fennel. He served it on a brioche bun with pickle vegetables, roasted beets, plum ketchup and sauerkraut pommery mustard. It was good, but to be honest I really enjoyed Cory’s plate better.

Chef Chris Brown waiting for his last order.

I ran into fellow chef John Lee and spotlightcity blogger Suresh Doss. We had a great discussion about proper sausages seasoning and how it can make a difference in the final product.

With John Lee[ back], Chris Brown[center] and me in Marben’s kitchen

There are two more Wednesday’s Sausage League challenges:
Wednesday Sept 21st playoff night, and the Championship Match on Wednesday, September 28th.
Best of luck for the finals, I will try to be there for the final sausage challenge.

Special thanks to Brayn Donvan for letting me to be in the kitchen during the services to take the pictures. It was fun being in there!

From Marben, linking the sausage makers to you,


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*Spanish for: "Mmm. Wow. That's good!"