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On Our Way To Foodstock!

This past Sunday on our way to Foodstock my good friend Heather and I we got in to what was the meaning of the event for us? We both cook for a living and we have a good understating of what this really means.

The message is simple…. Save The Land That Feeds Us….

Please take a look  at TVO and  Blog T.O. for more information about the event.

With fellow Chef Heather Baker as we arrived to the event!

It was cold and rainy, but people were keep showing up, an estimated 28.OOO came up to support the event!

Helping up chef Christopher Palik and his team from Paese Restaurant.

Checking out chef Michael Stadtlander pumpkin soup bowl. It was really cool!

Yours from Foodstock!

What an amazing event it was. Thank you to the organizers, chefs, farmers and volunteers who help to make the event a reality!


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