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Sabrosito at SoupStock 2012!

This past Sunday, October 21st, over 200 chefs from across Canada and the U.S  got together at Woodbine park to make some noise and at the same time inform and raise awareness of what is going on with the proposed Mega Quarry in the Township of Melancthon. For more info, please go to stop the mega quarry site.

We had a beautiful sunny day, it was like the gods were with us, it was just incredibly perfect for this time of the year, compared to last year’s FoodStock  –moody, cold and rainy. That was in Honeywood, Ontario, though. We still had a great time and 28.000 people showed up.

This year’s event was organized by the Canadian Chefs Congress and co-hosted with the David Suzuki foundation.

As a member of the Canadian chef Congress I volunteered to help up my fellow chef and good friend Bashir Munye from My Little Dumplings Company.

Bashir and Chef Matt Kennedy made a roasted parsnips soup garnished with hand made apple-cinnamon and star anise dumplings topped with herb and olive oil drizzle.

With Bashir[to my right] and Matt[ to my left]

It was a pleasure to be part of SoupStock, I saw some of my great chef friends and made new ones on the way.

This year we had over 41.000 attendees to the event! Plus over 200 chefs, musicians, volunteers that helped to make this event a reality.

Thank you all!

Yours from SoupStock with Bashir and Matt + over 41.000 people @Woodbine park!


With some of my chefs friends!

With Steve, Nick and Hustin my batos locos!

With my good friends Joshna and Rossy. Love ya ladies!


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