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On Sunday, November 25th I was invited to the *Fundaciôn Alma Llanera [The soul prairies Fundation] to their the annual *Parranda Navideña [Christmas bazar] Venezuelan party at the Japanese Culture Center.

I wanted to go to this event for years, but I couldn’t make it, so this was my first time going to event, which on his 8th year now. La Parrada Navideña is a party that happens every year all around Venezuela to celebrate the Christmas spirit with lots of food, family and friends.

In this case is to try to get all  Venezuelans expats to come a celebrated our version of Christmas here in Toronto.

* Local Chicha, Pan de Jamon, Hallacas and fresh Cheese
I ask my good friend Adrian Marquez to come with me to event, to which Adrian happy responded Claro yo voy! which translate to “Yeah, I’ll go!” ! When we got there I felt very emotional, seeing all this people with their families and friends  together, so far  away from our land and families…. It brought great memories of my childhood in Venezuela, then when we started  to smell the food [ Hallacas, Pan de Jamon, Arepa, Chicha, Tequeños and other typical Venezuelan Christmas dishes] and the Gaiteros started playing I couldn’t hold my tears back. I was thinking about my family and friends back at home and how much I miss them, felt sad, but mostly happy to be there. It was an experience I will never forget.

I meet up with the event organizers Rebecca Sarfatti and Nubia Godoy-Benchimol and they told me some of the money made that evening will be donated to help school programs and other charities in need in Venezuela.

With event organizer Rebecca Sarfatti
To my surprise I was mentioned and honored with other fellow Venezuelans for our continuous work in the community here in the city, for that, I am very grateful and very proud.
Thank you to Rebecca, Nubia, all event organizers and volunteers for making us feel at little a bit home in our Corazones.

Feliz Navidad y que Dios me los bendiga.

Yours Celebrating La Parranda Navideña with 600 other Venezuelans @the Japanese Culture Center


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*Spanish for: "Mmm. Wow. That's good!"