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Empanada Battle at PAFF!

As much I wanted to be part of these year’s PAFF it was hard for me because of the passing of my Mother but after talking with my family and the support of friends I decide to participate. So I was battling it out with my good friends and fellow Latinos chefs Paola Solorzano[Mexico], Natalia […]

Family Reunion…..

After four years of planning with my baby sister Luz Adriana, we managed to get my family from Venezuela to travel and meet our Mother’s family from Colombia. This sound normal but you see our mother emigrated to Venezuela in the early 70’s because of the volatile and violent times in Colombia in those days. […]

Happy Places! Costa Rica….

Costa Rica here I come!! For the second part of my holiday ,I decided to do something completely different  then I normally do…..I wanted to relax and connect with nature ,chill and do nothing but pure relaxation, so Costa Rica was the place to do so.. I fell in love with how peaceful ,serene and […]

Connecting with my Colombian Roots….

My sister Luz Adriana and I had plan to go and visit our mother’s family together in Colombia for many years now and I thought this would be the year, but because of the instability of our home country of Venezuela, she couldn’t leave her family and her home. But that is another story for […]

On the hunt for pan de jamon, hallacas and ronsito.

Yesterday I spoke to my sister Adriana in Venezuela. I miss my family so much this year that I’m dreaming about the last time we spent Christmas together. We had a grand Christmas dinner and I was in heaven. My mother and sister made 300 hallacas for family and friends. The fillings depend on who’s […]