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Latin Food Pairings with Prosecco Wines!

Article by London base writer Anne Coles. Serving up traditional dishes with a fruity Italian twist. Prosecco, a classic Italian sparkling wine, is not only a cheaper substitute for Champagne but is also a true match for any Latin dish you may want to cook at home. Produced in the village of Veneto in northwest […]

Toronto’s first Pan American Food Festival.

Back in early May I was invited to be part of the Pan American Food Festival by the festival culinary curator Mary Luz Mejia and immediately said yes “Si”, how many times would I get the chance to see and share the stage with some of my culinary heroes? not often. With my good friend […]

Sabrosito at the Bricks works Picnic

This year’s event was all about ‘world cuisine’ using local and organic products. It was an honor for me and my crew, to have been invited to the picnic, thanks to the event organizers decision to recognize cultural and ethnic groups from around the world that make Toronto home. Connecting the global palate using foods […]

Chayote guiso meets organic heirloom tomatillos

Chayote was a major part of what I decided to serve at Feast of Fields this year. It’s a relatively unknown vegetable if you’re not Latino, Caribbean or an adventurous explorer of world foods. Finding organic chayote was a challenge, but luckily Whole Foods had some that was naturally grown, which means it wont be […]

Dynamic Duo Back to their Latino Tricks

Back in May I dropped in to say hi to my old friend Trevor Berryman. I first met Trevor in 1998, when he hired me as his Executive Chef at Xango. We made some real magic there. We got recognition as the best Latino restaurant of 2000, and added a star to our Toronto Life […]

Queso Anyone?

Some of my best memories of growing up in Venezuela were travelling with my family — to the Andes, across the prairie region, into the desert, into the Amazon jungle and all along Venezuela’s gorgeous Caribbean coastline. Wherever we went, we’d find la parada, a place to stop and eat and rest. A parada can […]


Carlos Fuenmayor launched SABROSITO* to do what he loves to do best “ Latino cooking for small groups of foodies and their friends. A Venezuelan native and Canadian citizen since 1995, Carlos is a graduate of Ottawa, Cordon Bleu Paris Cooking School. He has honed his fine-dining repertoire for over 14 years, most notably as […]