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Not Just for Before or Afters Anymore: Who Loves SHERRY?

I have been stewing over this post and then putting aside and then picking it back up for a couple of months now. Wouldn’t you know it: just as I get ready to post, the Globe does a piece on sherries. And then my friend Tammy tells me yesterday that the Vintages site is featuring […]

Terroir: The Taste of Place

Last year was a first. Never before had restaurant leaders sat down to a professional event with such a high-minded name as Terroir, A Sense of Place. Essentially, terroir means that you can taste a place because the land and meteorology imparts unique flavours to the food that emerges from it, the animals who feed […]

Queso Anyone?

Some of my best memories of growing up in Venezuela were travelling with my family — to the Andes, across the prairie region, into the desert, into the Amazon jungle and all along Venezuela’s gorgeous Caribbean coastline. Wherever we went, we’d find la parada, a place to stop and eat and rest. A parada can […]


Great piece about the first Latino American Slow Food event in Toronto. by Alistair Kyte from Food services and Hospitality magazine From our OLA event from last November. Dreams do come true. Thanks to Mary Luz Mejias and Mario Stojanac from Sizziling Communications. Toronto life on five food trends to watch in 2010; Sabrosito is […]