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SABROSITO, like most evocative words, has a meaning beyond its literal translation from Spanish. To get to the spirit of what Sabrosito really means, one would say:

“Mmm. Wow. That’s good.”

SABROSITO is Cordon Bleu Chef Carlos Fuenmayor.

Carlos specializes in small in-home parties of up to 20 people, for personal or business entertaining and other special occasions.

He has also catered larger affairs, including a recent wedding dinner for 60 and a canapés reception for 125.

Tasting Menus are a favourite recommendation of his. He designs numerous smaller courses for his clients and their guests to experience a wider variety of foods and flavours.

His repertoire is expansive. Although he was trained as a classic French chef, he loves to cook Latino fare and is equally strong in Italian, Fresh Market and Pan Asian cuisines.

Carlos is also passionate about giving cooking classes and has recently started offering in-home cooking demonstrations for people who like novel approaches to entertaining.

No matter your vision for a social, business or family occasion, Carlos will design the menu that best suits the tastes of your guests and deliver the optimum of what can be offered within your budget.

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*Spanish for: "Mmm. Wow. That's good!"