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Luminato’s Celebration of Indigenous Pan American Food!

I will be celebrating indigenous Pan American food with my good friends Mary Luz Mejia, Jose Hadad[Mad Mexican] Claudia Gaviria[Cruda Café], Paola Solarzano[Santo Pecado Catering], Natalia Martinez, Felipe Faccioli [MATA Petisco Bar], Michael Sacco[Chocosol] on Sunday, June 21 from 12noon to 7pm David Pecaut Square Sabrosito will be making Venezuelan *cachapitas w/ fresh cheese, basil […]

Happy Places, Cartagena!

After a great and emotional family reunion I decided to take a bit of time for myself so I flew to one of my favorite city in Colombia. . . It’s my second time in Cartagena de Indias, I was there two years ago and I just love fell in love with this city, The […]

Family Reunion…..

After four years of planning with my baby sister Luz Adriana, we managed to get my family from Venezuela to travel and meet our Mother’s family from Colombia. This sound normal but you see our mother emigrated to Venezuela in the early 70’s because of the volatile and violent times in Colombia in those days. […]

Totalmente Tamales Battle @PAFF!

I got very excite to be invited back to the 2nd annual Pan-American Food Festival!! This year the organizers decided to add a competition to showcase one of the most  traditional dishes, that truly is representive of the Hispanic culture the tamal, with the “Totalmente Tamales battle” I was representing Venezuela with the Hallaca, which […]

Happy Places! Costa Rica….

Costa Rica here I come!! For the second part of my holiday ,I decided to do something completely different  then I normally do…..I wanted to relax and connect with nature ,chill and do nothing but pure relaxation, so Costa Rica was the place to do so.. I fell in love with how peaceful ,serene and […]

Happy Places…. Panama!

As winter became cold and grey …the only thing that I was thinking about was where to go this year for my holiday . So as the time came closer to fly away to a sunny and hot destination I decided to divide my holiday in two destinations…..First trip went to Panama. Flew to Panama […]

Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera’s Gala @the AGO

From time to time I work for the AGO’s events team, and when Executive Chef Anne Yarymowich asked me to be part of the late Mexican’s painter Frida Kahlo and muralist Diego Rivera tasting menu before the gala dinner I couldn’t be more exited. We had our creative juices going; you see, I really love […]

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