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Join me on celebrating Latin American food and culture.

Monday, October 17th/16/ at Bayview Village LCBO.

6 to 8pm for more info please call  416 222-7658

Fall Pan-Latino party

On the menu!
Changua [Colombia]
Milk, potatoes & egg soup

Arepitas con queso fresco [Venezuela]
Corn meal patties with local fresh cheese

Cosido Limeño [Peru]
Beans, potatoes, corn & pumpkin casserole

Ximxim de Galinda [Brazil]
Chicken, shrimp, cashews & coconut milk stew

Alfajores con dulce de leche*
Almonds, vanilla short bread cookies w/ caramel sauce

* Alfajores are made all over the Americas

Winter 2017

Thursday, March 23rd /17/ at Bayview Village LCBO.

Pan-Latino tapas

6 to 8pm for more info please call  416 222-7658

On the menu!

Taquitos de pescado [Mexico]
Fresh fish tacos, tomatillo salsa, red onion, lettuce

Arepitas rellena con reina pepiada [Venezuela]
Corn meal patties stuffed w/ chicken avocado salad

Chupe Peruano
Peruvian-style seafood stew

Pinchos de rez
Herb marinated sirloin steak skewers served with chayote relish
Pinchos, are street food skewers served all over the Americas

Docinhos de Amendoim
Brazilian sweet peanut croquettes



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*Spanish for: "Mmm. Wow. That's good!"