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Spanish chorizo, olives, fennel & pine nuts

Fried green plantain w/spicy shrimp & tomato sauce

Tamarind roast pork tenderloin w/rice & red beans

Chocolate chili truffles with berries


Celery root soup with caramized shallots & white truffle oil

Pan-seared sea bream with fennel salad

Beef tenderloin with duchesse potatoes, French beans & demi-glace

French cheese

Roasted vanilla pears with champagne sabayon

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Inniskillin Icewine Tasting Menu

Sea scallop ceviche

w/pink grapefruit, red onion, jicama, tomato & green onion

Thai lemongrass broth w/fresh ginger-shrimp dumplings

Flank steak marinated w/trio of Latino peppers [pasilla, guajilo, poblano]

w/yuca, green beans & chimichurri

Designed at Inniskillin’s request last August, this menu matches a savoury menu according flavour groupings charted by the wineries sommeliers.

The ceviche will match well to wines having Spicy, Acetic Acid and Floral qualities.

The flavours of this dish are sour-sweet, with refreshing citrus high notes.

To match the Asian broth, look to Nutty and Resinous for how the broth brings together a sweet earthiness from lemongrass, shrimp and gallengal, and the high notes of fresh ginger.

The steak will work well with Pungent, Earthy, Nutty, Burned, Resinous Spicy, Floral and Natural, because these are also the flavour qualities of these peppers.

The yucca and green beans provide neutral to low notes, with the refreshing high notes of the chimichurri as a counterpoint.

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