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The press party took place at Valdez Resto on July 21 with PAFF’s director Daniel Garcia-Herreros and the Culinary Director Mary Luz Mejia introducing the program for this year’s festival, celebrating the food, and featuring International chefs, vendors market, cooking- demos, art, films and local Latino chefs.

photo 4

With my good friend and PAFF’s culinary director Mary Luz Mejia

photo 2

Festival culinary Director Mary Luz Mejia will be featuring chef from south Florida Norman Van Taken,who is renowned for his fusion New world cuisine
Peru will be hosting Chef Roger Arakaki from Lima.

I will be representing Venezuela with my hallaquitas for the “Totalmente Tamales ” battle with my good friends Mexicaan chef Paula Solorzano,Panamanian chef Rossy Earle, Colombian chef Claudia Gaviria, Cookie Martinez, Chilean Chef Christian Helse  on Sat August 9th 2014 at 630pm-830pm


The PAFF will start on August 8th till the 10th 2014 at Daniels Spectrum in the newly developed Regent park district of Toronto.

This year’s festival is a preview to the 2015 Pan American Games which will be held in Toronto.

A big thanks to my Pana and fellow chef Steven Gonzales and his crew for hosting the event in his resto Valdez!

With Steve @Valdez

photo 5

Yours in celebrating Pan Latino food and culture.


A  cooking-demo class for a birthday present !!! YES
That is what my client Erin wanted as a gift from her husband , friends and family
I was  referred by my fellow chef Cynthia Peters, owner of  “From the farm cooking school” [Thanks Cynthia].
So after a call from Erin ,we discusted  the menu and logistics , in no time we where set up for the cooking demo in her kitchen
I was very happy to be part of putting together such a great and memorable  gift from her husband.

Erin with some of her friends in her kitchen!

photo 4

In the kitchen!

photo 2

More food!

photo 3


photo 1

Just cuz I like flowers!

photo 5

Erin’s birthday menu consisted of the following;
Guacamole & pico de gallo on corn chips

Classic Spanish omelette & watercress salad

Pan seared Dorado filet w/ fennel, sweet peppers, olives & Spanish olive oil

Grilled rib eye steak & papaya salsa

Roasted local chorizo w/ Yukon gold potatoes, spinach & caramelized onions

Trio of dessert
[chocolate chili truffles, alfajores, sweet plantain, fresh cheese & pistachio]

The evening was a great success, great food ,culture,  put in the mix friends and family what more do you need!
Yours celebrating Latino American food and culture!

Happy Places! Costa Rica….

Costa Rica here I come!!

For the second part of my holiday ,I decided to do something completely different  then I normally do…..I wanted to relax and connect with nature ,chill and do nothing but pure relaxation, so Costa Rica was the place to do so..
I fell in love with how peaceful ,serene and Eco friendly. The place I stayed was call Whale & Dolphins spa ,this resort was 3 hours away bus ride from Costa Rica’s capital San Jose a incredible beautiful place.

photo 1

The view from my room at The Whales and Dolphins spa hotel.

photo 2

The view from the pool looking at the Pacific Ocean.

photo 5

Black and white chayotes!

photo 3

photo 4

Coffee flowers!

Sadly my trip was interrupted by the sad and horrible news of the attempt car jacking that took the life of my brother in law…. It made me very and angry and sad at same time
My prayers and sincere condolences goes to my sister Andriana ,my niece Daniela ,the Riviero  Family  and my family in Venezuela.
Jonathan you were a great husband,father …you will be missed.
Yet another innocent victim of these senseless violent crimes destroying our way of life in Venezuela.

MY sister Adriana and Jonathan in Venezuela, really miss you bro….

RIP my brother
Yours truly celebrating Jonathan’s life

Happy Places…. Panama!

As winter became cold and grey …the only thing that I was thinking about was where to go this year for my holiday . So as the time came closer to fly away to a sunny and hot destination I decided to divide my holiday in two destinations…..First trip went to Panama.
Flew to Panama city with a good friend to be in time to celebrate the new year .upon our arrival we where transported to our beautiful hotel call Royal Decameron golf and spa resort,  which is located on Cocle province on the Pacific cost of Panama. WOW …..what. place
I have traveled to many places, but this by far was the largest all inclusive hotel .
2,400 rooms ,10 pools and 12 international restaurants, casino and to finish a spa
We welcomed the New year with 3,000 guests from all over the world
And w hat a party it was .After a few lazy days of laying by the pool or going out for a swim we headed out for a 2 days stay in Panama city at the Hard Rock Cafe.


Just love he painting on the Old Panama City

At the beach at the Royal Decamenron




Down town Panama city!


First sunrise of the year!


At the Royal Decameron many pools


Panama City!


The View of Panama City from my hotel room

photo 5

The view from my room!!

photo 4

.In Panama city [which looks like Dubai and it is known as the banking capital of all of Central America], we went on a  tour of the old and new city with a fantastic lunch and ended our day at the Panama canal [they are celebrating the 100 years of the canal]
We finished the night away dancing salsa in a small but great little club in the city.
What was the best for me on this trip  was the food ,history and the culture of the beautiful people of Panama
So long Panama till next time!

Yours traveling to Central America.



Article by London base writer Anne Coles.
Serving up traditional dishes with a fruity Italian twist.
Prosecco, a classic Italian sparkling wine, is not only a cheaper substitute for Champagne but is also a true match for any Latin dish you may want to cook at home.
Produced in the village of Veneto in northwest Italy, Prosecco wines are named after the type of grape from the region. At the foothills of the Alps lies the vineyard yielding the fruity Prosecco wines, where winemakers constantly get inspiration to add to their wide array of distinct flavours that’s been produced for years.

The popularity of these wines has garnered international claim, which lead multinational retailer Marks and Spencer to create their own line called M&S Prosecco.

The wine must have, as prescribed by law, at least 85% of the Prosecco grapes but may include a good load of other variants. Pinot Blanc or Pinot Grigio grapes are sometimes added in small amounts. While a grape like Bianchetta, when added to the mix, tends to be dry and refreshing, a Perrera creates a hint of fragrant pear.
Although Prosecco is a favourite substitute for Champagne, it is made using the Charmat method as opposed to the French method of making sparkling wines. This process puts the second wine fermentation in a pressurized stainless steel tank and not in the bottle itself, preserving the fruity flavor that Prosecco is known for.

It’s easy to pair a Prosecco with any Veneto dish. But when it comes to Latin dishes, the Prosecco stands out as a viable pair. Well-seasoned Caribbean dishes are paired fantastically with this sparkling wine. The distinct flavors of the empanada or the ceviche works well with any Prosecco wine.

Pair any Peruvian dish with the Prosecco and experience the flavors come alive even more. The Paneton, originally from Italy, is made popular in South America through immigration and influence and is truly enjoyed with a glass of Prosecco. Lastly, if you are looking for a Shiraz substitute to pair with your lechon, the Prosecco is one of the best wines to go with it.

Latin food is definitely a treat on its own. But a glass of Prosecco would definitely spice up any Latin dish on any table.

Two of my favorite HD’s to serve with Prosecco!

Achiote pan seared sea scallops w/ avocado, apple and cucumber salsa.


Peruvian Chifa style shrimp dumplings.


Yours celebrating Latino American food and culture with Prosecco!



Back in early May I was invited to be part of the Pan American Food Festival by the festival culinary curator Mary Luz Mejia and immediately said yes “Si”, how many times would I get the chance to see and share the stage with some of my culinary heroes? not often.

With my good friend Maricel Presilla.


The culinary line up included, Cuban- American chef and historian Maricel Presilla, Colombian chef and Professor Charlie Otero and Toronto’s own Chef, writer, teacher and good friend Donna Dooher “Donna so sorry I missed it, I had specially wanted to attend your demonstration”

With Colombian chef Charlie Otero.


It was exciting to be reunited with my culinary hero Maricel Presilla and my good friends Mary Luz, husband and co-host Mario Stojanac.

The festival also featured our talented local Pan-Latino chefs, Mexico’s Paola Solorzano, Indalecio Marroquin,  Colombian’s chefs Claudia Gaviria, Natalie “cookie” Martinez and Venezuelan chef Mena Bustamante, Argentinian chef Elliott Gomez, Cuban chef Pedro Quintanilla, Peruvian’s chefs Luis Barreto, Alvaro Valencia and of course me, Sabrosito.

My demonstration featured one of my favorite dish form my native country of Venezuela Called “cachapitas”, better known as corn cakes. I used all local products including sweet Ontario corn, fresh cheese, butter and basil.

cachapitas con queso fresco y albahaca

Neither the rain nor the traffic could impact the fun had by all. The festival was a great success!!

The reason for the festival as festival director Daniel Garcia-Herreros mentioned on his site.

It offers visitors a festive opportunity to experience the best of the region’s cuisine and
culture, in a celebration that expresses the strength of our continent’s vibrant
Featuring fine restaurants, specialized food producers and talented chefs from across the
Americas, the Festival offers typical regional dishes, as well as the native ingredients that give them their unique flavours. These delicacies are complemented by the colourful sights and sounds of visual arts, music and folklore from the 41 countries of the Pan American continent, including North, Central and South America, and the Caribbean.”

With Mary Luz, Daniel, Maricel, Mario and me! from right to left.

The festival also featured great local and international musicians such as; Mexican duo Café con Pan, Cuban singer and writer Luis Mario Ochoa, Uruguayan harp player Martha Mazzoleni and her group, Orquesta la Fantasia, Canada’s Tuna Lazos de Amistad, French Canadian duo Bootat, Colombian group Los Maritos and Toronto’s Henry Vivel & Orchestra and the list goes on.

the featured country this year was Colombia, the festival also show-cased some of the best of artists, films and writers from all the Pan- American countries.

I wanted to say Mil Gracias to the organizers, volunteers, chefs and all the people who came out to support the festival, it could not have happened without you.

On a personal note; would like to thank my crew, Patrick, Taylor, Charlie and Michael.
Very Special thanks to Adrian, Carolina and Diane for your support on the weekend.

Love you guys.
Yours from the first Pan-American festival in T.O.


Pan-Latino Cooking class.


I will celebrating the last  days of summer with my Pan- Latino cooking class , coming up on Tuesday, September 17th at Kingsway LCBO.

2946 Bloor Street West.

For more info and to book your seat, please call  416 239-3065,

On the menu!

Arepitas de reina Pepiada.
Classic Venezuelan stuffed corn meal cake with avocado and chicken salsa


Sopa de Palmito.
Ecuadorian style Heart of Palms soup.


Carapulcra Peruana.
Peruvian-style Pork and Dried potato stew

Docinhos de Amendoim.
Brazilian Sweet peanut croquettes.


Yours celebrating my Latino roots @kingway lcbo.



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