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Food Trucks & Chefs Vendors @ Nuit Blanche!

Hola To You all, If you’re going to be at the Distillery tomorrow night as part of Nuit Blanche , you’re going to get hungry. Good thing. I’m going to be there from 6 pm until 4am Sunday morning as part of the Food Truck Movement, championed by foodie, writer and bon vivant Suresh Doss […]

“Marben’s Sausage League”

Ryan Donovan [ex Healty Butcher and CowBell] and now head butcher at Marben restaurant came out with a brilliant marketing idea: Let’s get 12 chefs who they are known for their sausages making skills and let’s have a Sausage League. Complete with a first round, playoffs and a championship final, which will take place on […]

Empanadas! Any One?

One of my favorite things to eat after arepas are empanadas. A small pastry pocket stuffed with whatever we may think of: meat, fish, pork, vegetables and the list goes on. Empanadas are made all over the Latin world, but with different and sometimes unique techniques and recipes. For example, in Venezuela and Colombia, empanadas […]

Luminato 2010

It looked like it was going to rain, and it did, briefly, but mostly it was a perfect summer day. It was also Father’s Day. College Street was having its Italian Food Fest, and The Distillery had a Food and Spirits event on to, so we had a lot of competition in getting the foodies […]

Latino goes Local with SlowFood

Cava’s Chris McDonald has invited me to join him to cook a special Latino dinner for Slow Food Toronto’s culinary series, and I’m excited. This will be the first time working with Chris, his Cava partner Doug Penfold and Carlos Rodriguez from Hart House. It will be the second time working with Marina Quierolo, owner […]

Pan-Latino: A New Season of Classes

After a much needed holiday, I’m back in business. Last week I started the 2010 Pan-Latino cooking series at IQliving and at the LCBO. Happy to report the two first classes were sold out. It’s great to see how much interest has grown in Latin cuisine, not just in Toronto, but all over Canada as […]

Sabrosito at the Bricks works Picnic

This year’s event was all about ‘world cuisine’ using local and organic products. It was an honor for me and my crew, to have been invited to the picnic, thanks to the event organizers decision to recognize cultural and ethnic groups from around the world that make Toronto home. Connecting the global palate using foods […]

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