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LBCO go Local & Sabrosito!

As part of the LCBO go Local campaign I will be cooking and matching wines at the Summerhill store on Saturday, September 29th from 11:30 am to 3:30pm come by and say Hola, and the best thing is free!!

I will using Local queso fresco & Chorizo from Segovia Meat Market!

With my good friend Valentina at summerhill lcbo’s kitchen

Summerhill lcbo

10 Scrivener Square
Ph: 416. 922.0403

Yours celebration Local Latino food & wines!



Come and learn, have some fun with third and final class of my Local Latino cooking series.

Tuesday, July 31st, from 6:30 to 8:30 pm at Kingsway LCBO

2946 Bloor Street West.

For more info, please call  416 239-3065.

*Cachapitas [fresh corn cakes with queso fresco & basil]

On the menu

Empanadas de pollo con salsa criolla [Colombia]
Chicken empanadas with spicy tomatoes and pepper salsa

Antichcho de res con mojo de piña y yerba buena [Peru & Ecuador]
Grilled sirloin steak skewers with pineapple mint mojo

Cachapas con queso fresco y albaca [Venezuela]
Fresh corn cakes with queso fresco and basil

Frutas locales con crema vaquita
Fresh Ontario Summer Fruit with Crema la Vaquita


More cachapitas!

Yours in good fun and celebrating Latino American food & Culture


Join me on celebrating Latin American cuisine and culture.

Come by and learn my version of hors d’evours Latino style.

Tuesday, June 26th from 6:30 to 8:30 pm at SummerHill LCBO

LCBO Summerhill | 10 Scrivener Square
416 922-0403

Sold out!

Cuban Mojitos!

Local Latino

On the menu

Cevichito de camarones [Peru]
Mini shrimp ceviche

Guiso de garbanzo, boniato, tomate y chorizo [Cuba]
Chick peas, white sweet potato, tomatoes & chorizo

Empanaditas de pollo con salsa criolla [Colombia]
Chicken empanadas with sweet pepper sauce

Pincho de lomito con salsa de lechosa [Venezuela]
Beef tenderloin brochettes with papaya salsa

Platano dulce con queso, miel y pistachos[ Sabrosito]
Baked sweet plantain w/ fresh cheese, honey & pistachios


Yours in good food and fun!



I was very excited when Toronto Life Magazine ask me to produce a dish for
their special 2011 Holiday dinner ‘Outsourced’ section.

I said to myself,  ‘ Finally, I get the change to showcase our Venezuelan traditional Christmas dish’, the Hallaca.

This is the first time a South America Christmas dish is been featured on the Food
& Drink section of Toronto Life!!

The Hallaca by Ryan Szulc Photography

Fresh hallaca with chayote relish

Hallacas are similar to tamales, but they are steamed in banana leaves instead
of corn husks. The white corn masa [harina Pan]which is gluten free, is colored
yellow with annato oil and we add water or chicken stock and salt. The stuffing
consists of a stew made with pork, beef and chicken with olives and raisins.
Depending on the family recipe, you can add peppers, cooked eggs. etc. etc. . .
Every family has their own variation.

The Hallaca by Ryan Szulc Photography

The hallaca represents Venezuela’s mestizo heritage. Cooking in a banana
leaf was a technique brought by African slaves. When talking about hallacas in
Venezuela everyone will say “Las mejores hallacas son las de mi mamá” which
translates to “my mom makes the best hallacas”.

Ready to eat!

The Hallaca by Ryan Szulc Photography

The hallacas is usually serve with Pan de Jamon [ham bread] Ensalada de
[chicken salad] Torta Navideña and Ponche Crema [eggnog].

Pan de Jamon with chicken salad.

I am offering 3 to 7 courses tasting menus of these tasty Venezuelan delights from $35 to $75 per person.

Call or email me if you are interested on having a Venezuelan dinner on
this Holiday season.

Yours, celebrating  food and culture.


On Our Way To Foodstock!

This past Sunday on our way to Foodstock my good friend Heather and I we got in to what was the meaning of the event for us? We both cook for a living and we have a good understating of what this really means.

The message is simple…. Save The Land That Feeds Us….

Please take a look  at TVO and  Blog T.O. for more information about the event.

With fellow Chef Heather Baker as we arrived to the event!

It was cold and rainy, but people were keep showing up, an estimated 28.OOO came up to support the event!

Helping up chef Christopher Palik and his team from Paese Restaurant.

Checking out chef Michael Stadtlander pumpkin soup bowl. It was really cool!

Yours from Foodstock!

What an amazing event it was. Thank you to the organizers, chefs, farmers and volunteers who help to make the event a reality!


Pan-Latino Cooking class

Join me on Thursday, October 13th, from 6:30 to 8:30 pm at Summerhill LCBO

10 Scrivener Square

For more info please call 416. 922.0403.

On the menu


Arepitas de Reina Pepiada

Classic Venezuelan cornmeal patties stuffed with avocado and chicken salad

Sopa de Palmito

Ecuadorian-style hearts of palm soup

Carapulcra Peruno

Peruvian-style pork and dried potato stew

Docinhos de Amendoim

Brazilian sweet peanut croquettes

Yours celebrating Latino American food and Culture


Hola To You all,

If you’re going to be at the Distillery tomorrow night as part of Nuit Blanche , you’re going to get hungry.

Good thing. I’m going to be there from 6 pm until 4am Sunday morning as part of the Food Truck Movement, championed by foodie, writer and bon vivant Suresh Doss

Read about his visionary project elevating Toronto’s street food here. The food trucks movement

Altogether, there will be 12 food trucks and 12 Chefs celebrating good, healthy street food.

My contribution:

Venezuelan Arepitas [Natural white cornmeal pockets filled with fillings]

Riena Pepiada AKA The Curvy Queen

[cumin, chicken, red onion, mayo and avocado salsa]

La Local AKA The Local

[Local queso fresco, caramelized onions, tomatoes & thyme]

On the sweet side, I’ve got alfajores with dulce de leche, [Almond & vanilla short bread cookies held together w/South America’s signature caramel sauce]

We’re also helping Second Harvest with sales during the VIP hour at 7pm for a $10 donation.

Come by and say Hola!

Yours on Great Street Food with the Food Trucks @ Nuit Blanche


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*Spanish for: "Mmm. Wow. That's good!"