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The Buzz About Humitas & Chilean Chef Pilar Rodriguez

This is how I learned about Pilar coming to town, which is exciting in itself. I got a call from Andrew Gardner, my old friend from my days at Xango, who’s now part of the management team at Reds Bistro. He and Reds Chef Michael Steh, invited me to come and talk to them about […]

Not Just for Before or Afters Anymore: Who Loves SHERRY?

I have been stewing over this post and then putting aside and then picking it back up for a couple of months now. Wouldn’t you know it: just as I get ready to post, the Globe does a piece on sherries. And then my friend Tammy tells me yesterday that the Vintages site is featuring […]

Dishing it up at DISH

I’ve been following pastry chef Charmaine Baan’s career for years. The first time I heard about her was through Andrew Gardner, when he was at Splendido, back in the day. Her name would crop up in the food press from time to time, and I finally met her in person at Terroir in March. She […]

A Cooking Class and/or Dinner with Friends?

I got an interesting a call from Jessica Loving the other day. Jessica is Inniskillin’s brand manager. We met last year when I put on a cooking demo that focused on ice wine. The spectrum of ice wine’s tasting notes is astounding. I don’t think people realize the breadth or diversity of ice wine’s flavour […]


Luis Suares is a well-know Toronto chorizo master. He’s from the Asturias, a northern region of Spain on the Atlantic coast, with brilliant beaches and gorgeous landscapes. The region is also known for its Sidra, a sparkling apple cider, and some of the best cheeses produced in Spain — Cabrales, Beyas, Pitu, Peral to name […]

Tasting Menus: a sampling

Pan-Latino Spanish chorizo, olives, fennel & pine nuts Fried green plantain w/spicy shrimp & tomato sauce Tamarind roast pork tenderloin w/rice & red beans Chocolate chili truffles with berries French Celery root soup with caramized shallots & white truffle oil Pan-seared sea bream with fennel salad Beef tenderloin with duchesse potatoes, French beans & demi-glace […]


Recent dinner parties ** Italian Organic baby Arugula, figs & aged pecorino salad w/ balsamic glaze Lobster raviolo, caramelized onions w/spinach & truffle oil emulsion Bacon-wrapped pork back loinw/ rosemary polenta stuffing & natural juices[ Mama style] Prosecco Zabaglione w/ fresh berries ** French Asparagus, green peas & king mushrooms w/ porcini oil Pan seared […]

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