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Ryan Donovan [ex Healty Butcher and CowBell] and now head butcher at Marben restaurant came out with a brilliant marketing idea: Let’s get 12 chefs who they are known for their sausages making skills and let’s have a Sausage League. Complete with a first round, playoffs and a championship final, which will take place on Wednesday , September 21st @ Marben resto.

The winner gets a week end in Chicago with all expenses pay. Nice!

The great thing about this event is that people get the change to meet the chefs, a bonus to all the chefs and restaurants that are participating.
The competition started back in May, and this is how it’s been going down:

May 11th with Cory Vitello of The Harbord Room restaurant bar vs Anthony Rose of The Drake hotel

Wednesday May 25th Ted Corrado of C5 v. Eran Moram of Marron Bistro
Wednesday June 8th Brook Kavanagh of La Palette v. Matty Matheson of Parts & Labour
Wednesday June 22nd Chris Brown of The Stop Community Food Centre v. John Sinopoli of Table 17
Wednesday July 6th David Meli of The Healthy Butcher v. Jesse Vallins of Trevor Kitchen

Wednesday July 27th Luis Valenzuela of Torito v. Rocco Agostino of Pizzeria Libretto / Enoteca Sociale.

The playoffs started on Wednesday August 10th, which was the night I when to check out the battle between Chris Brown of TSFC and HBR Cory Vitiello. For $25 dollars I got to taste some great sausages and a bottle of Steamwhistle Pilsner. Then diners get a voting ballot, to choose which sausage was the best, and a chef is eliminated from the competition.

I started with the Alex’s pork empanadas with chocolate mole, tomatillo salsa and sour cream. I really liked the stuffing of the empanadas, I thought the dough needed something, but it was good altogether

Them I tried Cory Vitiellos’ chicken, panchetta and apple sausage. Severed in a bed of corn crema and garnish with queso seco*[ Spanish for dry cheese].I really liked this one specially the corn crema brought me some good memories of my childhood in Venezuela. In Venezuela we make something similar, but we cook the corn crema in hot Budare or iron pan and they become cachapas. We serve them with queso fresco. Cory’s plate was delicious.

Cory in the kitcken @ Marben

” After that” I tried Chris Brown’s lamb Finochieta, which was made with lamb, pork and fennel. He served it on a brioche bun with pickle vegetables, roasted beets, plum ketchup and sauerkraut pommery mustard. It was good, but to be honest I really enjoyed Cory’s plate better.

Chef Chris Brown waiting for his last order.

I ran into fellow chef John Lee and spotlightcity blogger Suresh Doss. We had a great discussion about proper sausages seasoning and how it can make a difference in the final product.

With John Lee[ back], Chris Brown[center] and me in Marben’s kitchen

There are two more Wednesday’s Sausage League challenges:
Wednesday Sept 21st playoff night, and the Championship Match on Wednesday, September 28th.
Best of luck for the finals, I will try to be there for the final sausage challenge.

Special thanks to Brayn Donvan for letting me to be in the kitchen during the services to take the pictures. It was fun being in there!

From Marben, linking the sausage makers to you,


Hola To you all.

Happy Summer!!

This simple but beautiful dish was inspired by Stephanie Ortenzi and it has become one of my best and successful one. The salsa is made with avocado,  apples, cucumber and lemon juice and I dust the scallop with Annatto powder before searing them. It makes a great summer dish. I usually recommend a Pinot-Gris or Chenin Blanc, either wine goes well with the scallops and the salsa.

Yours with a great summer recipe!


Hola To You All,

Today I’m celebrating 5 years in business and I would like to thank my dear Family, Clients, my crew and business alliance for your love and support through out the years. It’s been five great years with ups and downs, but I truly believe, that working hard and loving what we do it does pay off. I’m very thankful for my blessing every day.

A very special thanks to Stephanie Ortenzi of Pistachio and Joseph Ortenzi for your help on making Sabrosito a success. You are always in thoughts.

Yours truly

Here are few pictures from the last five years of doing business, charity events, private parties and friends.

Cooking at Arepa Cafe with my good friend Heather Baker[February 2011]

Just getting ready for a client’s wedding[ February 2011]

Finish up the salads

Cream Caramel with berries

Cooking at Arepa Cafe for my good friends[ from right to left] AGO Adrian Marquez, Elizabeth Rivas-Plata, Ruth Mora, Arepa Cafe owners Marc Lukacz and Eduardo Lee

With Good food revolution editor Malcolm Jolley  at this year’s Terroir symposium at the Hard House

With Fellow chefs Andrew Hunter[center] John Lee to my left @ Terroir

With Mildred’s Temple Kitchen chef-owner Donna Dooher @ Terroir

With The Batos! Latino chefs Angel Martinez and Steven Gonzales[ Oringin resto & Top Chef Canada]

Roasted calabaza squash, caramelized onions & Manchego cheese

Segovia’s Spanish style chorizo w/ chick peas, white sweet potato & tomato stew

Chifa style shrimp dumplings w/ Aji rojo & chayote salsa

Sweet plantain empanaditas stuffed w/ dulce de leche & vanilla ice cream

Cooking at one of my client’s kitchen

With chef Andrew Hunter at salsa battle @ the Drake Hotel. We have allot fun

Cooking Parrilla Argentina w/ real Gauchos in King City

Mmmm Parrillada….!

Some of my local proscuitto @ charity event.

With some of the best Latino chefs in the city

Front Row- L-R: Steve Gonzalez, Liz Rumebe and me.

Back Row L-R: Jose Hadad, Luis Valenzuela  Mario Cassini, Marina Queirolo and my good friends Mary Luz Mejia, her husband Mario Stojanac and Sommelier Drew Innes at Cajü restaurant Celebrating the Day of the Dead.

Yours in good memories!!

I thank you all from the bottom of my heart. Muchas Gracias


An Extraordinary Alien Dinner Menu

Monday, March 28th

*Wine pairing  by Sommelier Adrian Marquez from
Restaurant Frank, AGO

Welcome cocktail

Mill Street Organic Chelada


* Torrontés accuro – Mendoza – 2009
Mini Arepas trio  (reina pepiada; pork; octopus)
Shrimp Dumpling a la Chifa
Carlos Fuenmayor – Sabrosito

Blood Sausage & cashew  croquette, with passion fruit coulis
Luis Manuel Cordoba – Arepa Café


*Don Nicanor – Bordeaux Blend – Argentina – 2007
Pabellon Oriental with cod-fish, and sweet plantain
Luis Manuel Cordoba – Arepa Café

Corvina  Ceviche
Andrés Macas – Que Pasa


Granité of beet & red hibiscus

Francisco Alejandri – Agave y Aguacate


*Morande Reserva – Pinot Noir – 2007 – Chile
Lamb seco creole Humita with fresh fennel and onion salsa
Elizabeth Rivasplata – AGO

Salpicón de Res with pumpkin seed purée
Francisco Alejandrii – Agave y Aguacate


Avocado mousse and architectural guava heart, aguardiente
& dark chocolate beam
José Arato – Pimenton


Tickets are available at Arepa Cafe
$95  per ticket, tax & wine included

490 Queen Street West, 416. 362. 4111 or info@arepacafe.ca

Don’t miss out is going to be fun!

Back in February I got an invitation from Eduardo Lee of Arepa Cafe;
Eduardo mentioned he was hosting an exhibition with the works of
Carlos Raul Villanueva. Villanueva was one of the  most influential
Venezuelan architects of the 20th century. Influenced by the
Modernist movement, he played a major part in the development and modernization of Caracas and other cities around Venezuela .

The exhibition was named ‘An Extraordinary Alien‘, after the American
visa ‘O’ which is granted to people with “Extraordinary ability in the
fields of science, education, business or athletics”. As far as the
law was concerned, Villanueva was indeed an extraordinary alien.  The
evening of the opening I met fellow Venezuelans and exhibition
curators Ruth Mora and Gaston Soucy. Both Ruth and Gaston are architects who were influenced by Villanueva’s work and now they live and work in
Toronto. They had acquired a collection of photographs that showcased
Villanuevas’s work but had nowhere to exhibit them. They met  Eduardo
and a new exhibit was born.

You can check out the exhibition at Arepa Cafe,  runs until March 29 .

Eduardo and I were so exited about the turn out of the exhibit
opening, that we decided to do something about it.
I said: let’s organized an event to celebrated our roots, art, design
and food from latino America and he loved the idea.

I got on the phone the next day, I called a few Latino chefs that I
know and they all said ” Claro que si” — Let’s do it.
So we had a few food and wine tastings to come up with a great menu.

That’s is how my friends Elizabeth  RivasPlata from the  [AGO], Francisco Alejandri [ Agave & Aguacate] Luis Manuel Cordoba [ Arepa Cafe] Andés Macas [ Que Pasa] Jose Arato [Pimenton] and I we will be cooking at Arepa Cafe on Monday, March 28th

Adrain Marquez from the [AGO]  will be pairing the wines for the evening.

Music by Latino American Choir Cantemos

Reservations, please call 416-362.4111

Or email; info@arepacafe.ca

Proceeds will be used to support local Latin creative and artistic efforts within the GTA.

Don’t miss out is going to be fun.

Yours celebrating roots, art, design and food from the Americas


Roasted vanilla pears, fresh cheese, orange wild flower honey & pistachios

Join me on Tuesday, February 22th, from 6:30 to 8:30 pm at Summerhill LCBO

10 Scrivener Square

For more info please call 416. 922.0403.

On the menu


Feijoada de pulvo [Brazil]

Octopus stew

Croquetas de pollo con salsa picante [Colombia]

Chicken croquettes with sweet pepper sauce

Bolas de masa de camarones ala chifa [Peru]

Peruvian style shrimp dumplings

Crepas con cajeta y pacanas[ Mexico]

Crépes w/ caramelized goat’s milk and pecans

Annato pan seared scallop w/ avocado, apple, cucumber & mint relish

Yours celebrating Latino American food and Culture


By Courtney Shea of Toronto Life

The latest apps: the holiday season’s best appetizers

This December, caterers are culling from the classics to create familiar hors d’oeuvre with a twist. Here, the most stylish and sumptuous small bites.

Chef Evan Wright’s haute iteration combines pasta, house-cured bacon and sharp old cheddar. It was a hit with the ladies who lunch at a recent Forest Hill fundraiser. To Go, 416-921-1717.

Pumpkin soup shooters [2]
Drinking these exquisite creations feels a little like defacing art (the garnish is made from radish seedlings, candied beets and edible gold leaf), until you realize they taste even better than they look. Lindsey Shaw, 416-926-9133.

Spinach salad[3]
The greens are dressed in a tart raspberry vinaigrette and topped off with a two-bite brie crostino that puts lowly croutons to shame. Plus, everything tastes better in a Chinese takeaway box. Bite, 416-222-2483.

Annatto pan-seared scallops [4]
The peppery annatto seasoning plays well against the smooth guac (gussied up with apple and cucumber). The Chinese soup spoons make tricky hand-to-mouth issues a moot point. Sabrosito, 416-624-9157.

Buckwheat blini[5]
These treats are 100-Mile Diet approved: the buckwheat flower, duck and goat’s milk cheese are all Ontario born and bred. They may account for the Leafs’ early winning streak; Dish became the official caterer to the boys in blue this year. Dish, 416-920-5559.

Oysters Rockefeller smores [6]
The Mad Men–era classic gets a lusciously campy make-over: the rich, gooey middle is a savoury, spinach-flavoured marshmallow. Daniel et Daniel, 416-968-9275.

BLT éclairs [7]
Who wants whipped cream when you can have double-smoked bacon? The buttery choux makes an ideal shell for one of the world’s most beloved sandwich combos. Salt and Pepper, 416-924-0715.

Chèvre truffles [8]
Crunchy endive makes a perfect vessel for its rich contents (which also includes chili pralines and fig jelly). These snacks have pedigree; they’ve been served at a private dinner for Bill Clinton, a National Ballet gala and several TIFF soirées. Eatertainment, 416-964-1162.

Bud Light Lime coconut shrimp [9]
Chef Jason Smidt got the idea one afternoon while enjoying his citrusy beer of choice. The dijon-horseradish marma­lade is good enough to gulp. Jay Caterers, 647-345-3386.

I’m very humble to be mentioned amount some of the best caterers in the city.

Yours from the hot press,


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*Spanish for: "Mmm. Wow. That's good!"