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Great piece about the first Latino American Slow Food event in Toronto.

by Alistair Kyte from Food services and Hospitality magazine

From our OLA event from last November.

Dreams do come true. Thanks to Mary Luz Mejias and Mario Stojanac from Sizziling Communications.

Toronto life on five food trends to watch in 2010; Sabrosito is on the list!!

Chef Fuenmayor was featured on Good Food Revolution

The Toronto Star on Arepa Cafe

More OLA from the Food Network Blog

More about OLA from Taste TO. By Sheryl Kirby

The evening is also a celebration of local Latin American cookery, with the participating chefs hailing from Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia and Venezuela. Each chef has taken on a course in this 7-course meal but everyone is pitching in to help each other in the spirit of co-operation. During the media preview, at one point we all stopped mid-bite as the chefs started singing together in Caju’s kitchen. And if that’s what happens at the preview luncheon, just imagine how much fun the dinner itself is sure to be!

OCTA September, 09[Ontario Culinary Tourism Alliance] on Ola.
Say Ola and celebrated Latino American food and culture in Toronto.

“In recent years, Latin American food has evolved in Canada, and OLA: Of Latin America- 7 Chefs, 1 Kitchen, 1 Hot Night is a dining experience that seeks to celebrate that by putting the culinary spotlight squarely on Latin chefs living and working in Toronto. This seven course epicurean discovery featuring local, sustainable fare will banish stereotypes and push the culinary boundaries of the Latin American table to delicioso heights. Proceeds from this first-of-a-kind event in Toronto will be donated to Youth Link in support of vulnerable youth and their parents or caregivers living in the GTA”

Sabrosito was mentioned on June 13/09 on the National Post
The ten best things I tasted at Luminato by Adam McDowell.

Chef Fuenmayor was featured on March 26,09 in the Miami Herald by Latin American food historian and writer Maricel Presilla.

North Atlantic Scallops Meet South American Chef


The Snap Beaches magazine, December/08 edition featured one of Sabrosito’s cooking classes at The Art of Cheese.

Chef Fuenmayor was featured on Suite101 by Mary luz Mejia.

How to make and cure Chorizo

A season’s worth of good food

Chef Fuenmayor is the Latin food specialist for the online foodie magazine Gremolata

Toronto’s Charcutiers
Mad about charcuterie

The Montreal Latino Connection

The Chorizo King

Gourmet Magazine Says it ” Con Gusto”

Who Loves Sherrys?

Queso Fresco!

Chef Fuenmayor and Rosa Maria Tortorici of living Spanish were featured on the 2008, January issue of the Canadain Immigrant Magazine for their celebration of Latin American food and culture through their unique cooking classes.

Canadian Immigrant

By Simona Siad.

Chef Fuenmayor was featured on Sun TV, Canoe Live December 2007 and January 2008 Canoe Live

The LCBO selected chef Fuenmayor as the featured chef for the Educational Program Guide magazine for the winter 2008, cooking series.Featured Chef

Chef Fuenmayor was interviewed in June 2007 by Kevin Silvester from the radio talk show Sounds like Canada on the CBC.
CBC Radio


Fuenmayor’s Latino background comes through loud, clear and delicious in a snowy piece of perfectly roasted halibut atop jazzy Creole stew that is rich with tomato, garlic and peppers. His deft touch also graces sea bream that is roasted until crispy, buttered tapenade and served with a New Age salad made from thinly sliced fennel and onions lightly marinated in red wine vinegar, jazzed with lemon zest.
Joanne Kates
Globe and Mail


The city’s best ceviches.
Jacob Richler
National Post

“This Latin lovely has stopped clearing away the tables for its Friday and Saturday night “Mambo Lounge,” staking its fortune on the winningly eclectic output of Chef Carlos Fuenmayor’s Kitchen. He gives you a tour d’horizon de l’amerique latine.”

Best Latin American restaurant of 2000.
James Chatto
Toronto Life

One of the top four chefs of North America’s hottest Latin restaurants.
Elm Street Magazine

This Nuevo Latino cuisine is not afraid of flavour. Flavour embraces us and kisses us on both cheeks. It excites and stimulates our senses, but it does not stomp on us.
Sara Waxman
Toronto Sun

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