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The food is for the souls of the dead couple whose pictures were on the altar as part of the Latin American holiday, Dia de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead, which took place at Caju last Monday night. Homemade altars are a common sight in many Latino households as part of the Dia […]

One City, One Great Long Table

Luminato was so great this year, I’m still thinking about it, even thought we wrapped it up over a month and a half ago. The first year, at the Distillery, was fantastic, but the organizers topped their best efforts this year. We had a little bottleneck situation with ticket sales, but luckily, organizers sorted that […]

Cooking for the Queen of Latino Cuisine.

I met Mary Luz Mejia last year when she and I were asked to judge some dishes in a Latino culinary competition. Mary Luz is a Colombian-Canadian food journalist and Gemini-nominated TV writer, producer and director. One of her impressive credits is At the Table With ….. Each episode is a biography of a  well-known […]

Toronto’s Charcutiers

For the last four weeks I have been going around town talking to chefs to see who is making charcuterie in-house and tasting some incredible stuff. It got me thinking. Who started this charcuterie frenzy? If memory serves, we have to go back to 1998-99, my Xango days. I just moved here from Ottawa, and […]

Mad about charcuterie

Charcuterie is an ancient art that started nearly 6,000 years ago. The word comes from the French chair cuit, which translates into cooked meat. For me, and many others, charcuterie is the art and science of the pig — butchery, preparation, curing and aging. In a more modern age, this art has been the work […]


From culinary events, charity and private parties. At the Romero House event in honor of GG Michaelle Jean Fruits of the world With Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty and fellow chefs With AGO chefs Anne Yarymowich , Carlos Hernandez[center] Torito’s owner Veronica Laudes [right] at Second Harvest, Toronto Taste charity event With 500 chefs at the […]

Chayote guiso meets organic heirloom tomatillos

Chayote was a major part of what I decided to serve at Feast of Fields this year. It’s a relatively unknown vegetable if you’re not Latino, Caribbean or an adventurous explorer of world foods. Finding organic chayote was a challenge, but luckily Whole Foods had some that was naturally grown, which means it wont be […]

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