Carlos Fuenmayor

Launched in 2006, Chef Carlos Fuenmayor created SABROSITO to do what he loves to do best: Latino cooking for small groups of foodies and their friends.

We suspect youʼre here because you love good food, too. Whether youʼre hosting an exclusive cocktail party, getting married, or interested in having a few couples over for a dinner party, SABROSITO ̶ which translates into “Mmm, wow, thatʼs good!” in Spanish ̶ is the perfect choice for those who appreciate mouthwatering flavour and top-notch attention detail.

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Carlos – I just wanted to thank you for making my little party such a wonderful evening last Thursday. You and Andres were such a pleasure to work with and the food and drinks were just excellent.

Simon Archer, Koskie Minsky LLP Barristers and Solicitors

Tonja and I want to thank you for the wonderful evening we spent with you. Both our guests also loved the food and time we spent preparing it. We learned so much and enjoyed the food that much more. You’re a great teacher as well as a great chef. We’re looking forward to the next time we can have you to our home for another night of amazing food.

Hratch Terterian, President, Deco-Crete Stone
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Fuenmayor’s Latino background comes through loud, clear and delicious in a snowy piece of perfectly roasted halibut atop jazzy Creole stew that is rich with tomato, garlic and peppers. His deft touch also graces sea bream that is roasted until crispy, buttered tapenade and served with a New Age salad made from thinly sliced fennel and onions lightly marinated in red wine vinegar, jazzed with lemon zest.

Joanne Kates, Globe and Mail

This Latin lovely has stopped clearing away the tables for its Friday and Saturday night “Mambo Lounge,” staking its fortune on the winningly eclectic output of Chef Carlos Fuenmayor’s Kitchen. He gives you a tour d’horizon de l’amerique latine.

James Chatto, Toronto Life
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