Launched in 2006, Chef Carlos Fuenmayor created SABROSITO to do what he loves to do best: Latino cooking for small groups of foodies and their friends.

We suspect youʼre here because you love good food, too. Whether youʼre hosting an exclusive cocktail party, getting married, or interested in having a few couples over for a dinner party, SABROSITO ̶ which translates into “Mmm, wow, thatʼs good!” in Spanish ̶ is the perfect choice for those who appreciate mouthwatering flavour and top-notch attention detail.


Venezuelan native, immigrated to Canada in 1990. A graduate of Ottawaʼs Cordon Bleu Paris Cooking School, Carlos is as equally well-versed in Pan-Asian, Italian, and Fresh Market cuisines as he is in classical French. But since 1999, his primary focus and passion lies in Latino cuisine ̶ “Cocina de las Americas” ̶ so-called by Carlos because it covers two continents and one subcontinent.

The evolution of this cuisine through its fascinating range of influences make this form so exciting for Carlos. Latino cooking has dipped its spoon in the culinary heritage of Europe, the Caribbean, Asia, and Africa, which leads to a diverse, multicultural experience on the plate.

Carlos has received numerous accolades as the Executive Chef of The Laurentian Room and Xango. He has also had the pleasure of cooking at Sen5es in Toronto, and at Café Henry Burger and Domus in Ottawa. Equally passionate about teaching as he is about cooking, he does home cooking classes and is the Latino Cuisine Specialist for the LCBO cooking series.

“Latin American food has beautiful, simple roots that lend themselves to modern interpretations. This is what makes the cuisine so exciting.”