Pan-Latino Autentica

Some of my favourites

Morros y Christianos
Moors and Christians: Black beans and rice

Lomo salteado
Grilled pork [but sometimes beef tenderloin] with onions, peppers and tomatoes

Ceviche y tiraditos
Fish and seafood cooked in lime or lemon juice

Yuca frita con mojo
Fried yuca, also known as cassava, with red onion and mojo, the Cuban sauce made with fresh herbs, olive oil, garlic, lime juice and chiles

A mixed grill of pork, beef, chicken and sausages served with chimichurri, the Argentine herb sauce similar to pesto

Roasted pork sandwich with avocado and tomato

Platano frito y crema
Fried green or yellow plantain with sour cream

Mejillones Mereniados con salsa de posole
Marinated mussels with hominy and tomato salsa

Mejillones al vapor con Cristal y chipotle
Mussels steamed with Cuban lager and smoked jalepeño sauce

Similar to tamales [which are seasoned corn masa with fresh ground corn, meat and vegetables, wrapped in banana leaves], except that humitas are wrapped in corn husks and rarely filled w/meat.

Sopa de Aguacate
Avocado soup

Sopa de mariscos
Fish and/or seafood soup

Ceviche de curvina
Striped bass done ceviche-style

Papa rellena con picadillo y cebollas rojas
Potatoes stuffed with picadillo — a Bolognese-style sauce, only dryer and with vegetables – served with pickled red onions

Pescado con papas, guisadas y piñolas
White fish stew with potatoes in a vegetable stew, garnished with pine nuts

Escalivada con pan al ajillo
Classical Barcelona dish of marinated fish with garlic, red onion, peppers and herbs

Tostones de platano
Traditional Venezuelan dish of fried plantain with spicy shrimp sauce

Arroz con calabaza y puerco asado
Rice with calabaza squash and roast pork

Pico de gallo
Literally translated as the rooster beak, because the ingredients are cut finely, as if they could be easily pecked by the fowl; spicy tomato salsa that I usually serve with fried plantain and roasted tortilla chips

Ceviche de camaron con salsa de cactus
Shrimp ceviche and cactus leaf salsa

Falda mereniada con tres chiles
Flank steak marinated in pasilla, guajillo and poblano peppers, usually served with yucca and sweet tomato salsa

Pierna de cerdo adobado con arroz y frijoles rojos
Roast pork leg seasoned with annatto, served with rice and red beans

Garbanzo con malanga y chorizo
A traditional Cuban chick pea stew with taro root and chorizo sausage

Pabellon Caraqueño con arroz y caraota negra
Named for Caracas, the Venezuelan capital, braised flank steak in a stew, traditionally served with rice and black beans

Gisado de cabrito
Mexican-style lamb stew with corn tortillas

Tortilla classica
The real Spanish omelette, made with potatoes and onions

Champigones al ajillo
Mushrooms with garlic

Popular turnovers filled with meat and or vegetables

On the Sweet Side

Queso con guava y membrillo
Spanish and Latin American cheeses with guava and quince jelly

Spanish créme caramel

Dulce de arroz
Rice pudding

Empanaditas a la Xango
Small sweet deep-fried empanadas, made from sweet plantain and filled with Dulce de Leche, a Latino caramel sauce made from sugar and milk

And in a class by themselves

Ajis: marisol, panca, Colorado, limo, Amarillo, rocolo, pasilla, guajillo, chipotle, jalepeno, poblano, banana, Moreno, aji rojo.
These varieties of Latin American chiles are used in one way or another in all of these dishes.